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This is my path. I am grateful for life.

What is it that motivates me to keep going and do what I do? How do I do it?

I’ve been asked these questions countless times. They initially caught me off guard. But I know they were asked to find clarity for those who were asking. 

When someone is in front of me, seeking something I take for granted, I want to help. I want to honour the connection that brought them to ask me the question in the first place.

It got me thinking about the honour of connecting with others, and why I keep seeking to grow into more moments of authentic connection.

What is a life without purpose?

I have been dragged towards the future of an ever-expanding life that I believe serves an ever-expanding purpose.

Sometimes that reality feels heavy. It has had many sacrifices, but I never contemplated not making them. This is my path. I am grateful for life.

➸ A life that can give back where I have been given to.

➸ A life that carved the strength I needed to stand with others where I once stood alone.

➸ A life that mirrors possibility back to people.

➸ A life where others have someone who sees them, believes in them, and knows they are everything they were meant to be and more.

I am human, so much so, that I often feel very different. I do love people. However, I do not love people the way most people do. 

I love the person I see within people, the person hiding. I love the greatness in people, despite a billion reasons to hide in self protection.

I was once a person hiding. I still am some days. I wish I had the me of today back in those days. To make up for it, I give that support to others where I can.

I overcome because somewhere deep, deep inside, I believe that every time I overcome, you do too. Not all of you, but some of you, enough of you. 

I keep going because it is about more than just me.

I refuse to settle for just business excellence. That bar is not our set point. I am here to support life excellence. The Top 1% Life.

Life excellence will pull you through. The top 1% life will keep you going when numbers, exhaustion, and frustrations make a top 1% business less than desirable, or frankly not worth it.

Purpose, heart, and a passion to serve will keep you going.

I am filled with gratitude for the ability to connect and walk with so many in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who allows me to live for a purpose.

This is where I will be in the coming weeks, and I sincerely hope to see you at one of these events:

➸ On January 21, Awaken Your Potential, a one-day class with Avalon Empowerment in our Oshawa office! Register for this workshop and uncover the unconscious blocks that are stopping you from making more money in your real-estate business.

➸  January 22, I’ll be a keynote speaker at the RE/MAX Professional Inc. Brokerage Kickoff Event! I want to see all of you RE/MAX Professionals there to learn how to make it home for dinner, spend your nights and weekends with your children, spouse, & loved ones, by finding some help that actually makes a difference! 

➸ Also on January 22, we will have our client exclusive Monthly Webinar at 1 pm EST.

➸ February 12, I’ll be speaking at the Coldwell Banker Ronan Realty Kickoff Rally!

➸ On February 20, the Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting Team, is hosting the DISC Personality Workshop, in house for 8:30 am to 5 pm. 

➸ February 25 to 27, I’ll be at the OREA Reality Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I’ll be there as a plenary speaker and would love to see you there. 

If you are called to come to one of these events for business or personal reasons, I am grateful and honoured to connect with you soon! 

If this is not your time or place for us to meet, I hope our paths cross one day. I hope we can help each other.

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