KBCC Ultimate Buyer System Workshop



Coaching clients benefit from consistent, reliable, and predictable conversion numbers and now you can join us for access to our exclusive systems for your business.

Learn how you can communicate value to warm referral opportunities all the way to “cold” online leads with EQUAL effectiveness. Effective for our system means turning appointments booked to loyal clients under contract.

Your percentage of conversion will increase when you learn and implement these advanced tools. Your business will thrive in ANY MARKET with a greater ability to communicate your role as a real estate agent, establish clarity around the client’s role in working with you, and increase the overall value that you present to a modern information savvy consumer.

Our training attendees and clients benefit in understanding a clear outcome at every stage of the relationship building process. This gives you greater influence with you increased ability to communicate value at every stage of the sales process AND you will achieve consistent, predictable results.


  • Kathleen Black & Other KBCC Elite Coaches Personally Training
  • A full Visual Presentation to follow throughout the day
  • Training Day Workbook to take notes & expand on advanced concepts
  • Your own KBCC Ultimate Buyer Consultation Power Point Template to customize or start using right away!
  • The Exact Steps to Nurture Relationships now ONLINE!
  •  Our Core KBCC Buyer Value Offer, proven to offer what buyers find most valuable and outperform any other system with online lead conversion
  • The Key Step to Create an Educated, Confident, Ready to Act Buyer
  • KBCC Ultimate Advantage: A Consultants Approach
  • Answers to the Top Questions which prevent agents from providing enough value and walking away without a client
  • Our System for getting clients educated and engaged in the market ASAP. Which leads to half of our clients buying in half the time!
  • 8 Hours of Training Time & Hand’s on Role Play & Exercises
  • The Ability to Leverage the System, Mindset, & Tools of North America’s Top Listing Agents
  • Kathleen Black Training her Expertise on Signing 98% of every Buyer Presentation you attend, EVEN on zoom with signed paperwork. She has lived these results, and is in the perfect position to help you model the Ultimate Results

Covers the Following Tools Proven to Grow Your Business:

  • The Ultimate Buyer System
  • KBCC Value Propositions
  • The Ultimate Buyer Consultation!
  • Building a Winning Presentation
  • Consulting Strategies to Overcome Objections
  • Consulting Approach to Paperwork
  • Market Education vs Showings
  • KBCC Customizable Ultimate Buyer System PowerPoint Presentation

We pride ourselves on a rigorous training regime for our coaches and clients alike. Not everyone can transfer wisdom and help you achieve the results that a Top System is capable of ACHIEVING. We want to ensure you have the right perspective and the right systems.

We guarantee you will improve conversion and increase your BUYER and LISTING opportunities if you PRACTICE, IMPLEMENT, and REFINE these tools as a MASTER in your business.

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t: 1-844-866-5222

  • I recently attended the Ultimate Buyers Presentation and was beyond impressed with both the material and Kathleen as a presenter. I have always had a Listing Presentation, but honestly hadn't given any thought to having a presentation for Buyers to walk them through the process and to help them see why it's in their best interests to work with me. I am very excited to implement it and see how the Buying side of my business is transformed!

    Jeff Osborne
    Jeff Osborne The Osborne Team

Upcoming Dates

Join us for this Workshop taking place virtually over two half days on April 7th & April 14th, 2022

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All Sales are Final. If you cannot attend the workshop you signed up for you may transfer your attendance to another workshop 14 days prior to the workshop. Changing your date is not permitted within 14 days of the workshop due to the time and resources in organizing the event.

Please email admin@kathleenspeaks.com to notify us of the change. If you do not receive a confirmation via email, please call 905-725-6224 to confirm.

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