In the end, I believe, love encompasses all that is right and worthwhile in our world.

We all make mistakes, and we all have moments when we are stuck in worry, fear, or anger.   The cost of focusing on what is wrong, is losing the chance to see, and experience what is right. That cost is far too high.   Could you imagine if the more we focused on what was wrong, we saw our most valued dreams and moments plucked one by one from a check out cash conveyor belt? No longer available for purchase.   That’s what focusing on problems feels like. It creates scarcity to hold onto what you have.   Not knowing this thinking is what’s causing you to lose in the first place. Focusing on problems robs us of our joy.   Could you imagine watching that same scene filled with more and more of all that you value, dream, and hope for? So many things appearing that could never be bought with money alone. They could only be found with perspective?   It’s so simple for difficult feelings to amplify, to place painful moments and memories in our minds, we can feel them in our hearts, and the weight can be felt in our hands.   It can be easy to let our thoughts go there, to the tough times, to the hurt that many feel.   The thing is, we lose the chance to feel the warmth that is here now, the love, the kindness, the people we care about. Dwelling on what is wrong will never make it right.   We all have the strength to return to love. In the end, I believe, love encompasses all that is right and worthwhile in our world.   I believe love is the highest intention, the highest truth we can ever reach for. Love is strong, fierce, loyal, compassionate, forgiving, and true. Worry, fear, pride, ego, and anger melt away with the warmth of love.   My wish is that we can all be soft in the areas we think we need to be strong, take down the walls in hard times. Let more people in.    This is another chance to come together. To take the weight of this world and make it light. To mate fear with love, to make things right. Small victories count. Be kind to yourselves. Practice gentle self care.
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