Is Your Business Taking Over Your Life?

Today is the day to leave the “overworked underachiever” concept behind.

Do you often find yourself hustling to make it to your family dinners, ending up late or missing dinner altogether?

Do you hustle to get there, only to be glued to your phone, constantly excusing yourself for calls, emails, texts, and private messages with everyone’s mounting frustration?

You can’t help but feel the shame of a business that is successful but also chaotic and out of control.


So, what now?

Kathleen Black, leading North American Team Coach, has worked with thousands of people and hundreds of teams to solve this problem. After transforming 80% of her clients into top 1% producers, her tried, tested, and true KBCC Ultimate Expansion Strategy shown within The Top 1% Life can help you to:

  • Make it home in time for dinner
  • Spend your nights and weekends with your children, spouse, and loved ones
  • Find some help that actually makes a difference
  • Get your business organized and self-sufficient so everything doesn’t depend on you
  • Quit being on call 24/7
  • Take an actual break– without your phone


Build a stunningly successful life with The Top 1% Life leading the way.

See What People Had To Say….

Joyce Blackmere,

“Having worked as a solo agent for 10 years and now as the Director of Sales on a successful Team that was coached by Kathleen’s Team and systems, I can say first-hand, without a doubt that these systems are game changers! This book is a great resource for solo agents, aspiring and current team leaders looking to control their business rather than have their business control them. It is possible to grow a successful business and Team while still having time to enjoy and experience life! Thank you Kathleen!!”

Bill M,

“This is a must-read for team leaders, team members, or anyone thinking of starting or joining a team. Kathleen’s no-nonsense, real-life advice is exactly what the real estate world needs right now.”

Doug Schneider,

“Profound truths and extraordinary mix of real life and proven results. You’ll feel the pull to experience 1% LIFE!!!”

Arnold Sabo,

“I highly recommend reading “The Top 1% Life.” I read Kathleen Black’s book The Top 1% Life 4x my opinion, it is absolutely the best book I have read in a long while. Kathleen is very succinct and right to the point on the subject she is tackling which is how not to stay entrapped in a bad situation. What I like is Kathleen is speaking from experience. Today, you don’t have to go far to find there are a huge number of people / coaches in real estate who have not sold a dime of real estate and yet people buy into them. These educators I find are highly problematic and not worth listening to. One thing I took away from reading this book is you really have to pay attention to who you are listening to and who your models are. Kathleen has definitely earned the right to talk about the 1% life,  and I highly recommend reading her book!  This book is very encouraging and uplifting and helps us in a way to define our challenges, analyze what our issues are and move forward with confidence!”

Donna Murdock,

“Fantastic read. The way Kathleen draws on her own life experiences, and how she overcame and dominated over obstacles and challenges was incredibly inspiring. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for ways to improve at work, at home, and at life.”