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What if you could have someone on the phone full time creating face to face opportunities?
What would that be worth to your business?
Check out the Full Article in REM MAGAZINE this Month: Creating an Inside Sales Department 
You see the Top Producers in our Industry struggled with prospecting the same way you are. The key difference is over time they learned about the prinicple of leverage and invested in creating a business where they could leverage their time.
This is how it works. Take all the income you made last year, and divide it by the hours you worked. Basic stuff, we know, but this will give you a rate per hour. That rate is your cap if you continue to run your business the same way that you do now. Your options are to work more hours, or to work smart and leverage people, marketing, technology, and systems.
By leveraging systems, technology, marketing, and people, we can drastically increase your hourly rate. We can increase it exponentially to the point where you are a true business owner enjoying income and profits, versus a job in real estate which pays by the hour.
After helping Teams across North America build efficient Inside Sales Departments for a decade, Kathleen and her team will be sharing what it takes to have a highly efficient, successful, and PROFITABLE Inside Sales Team. 
We will discuss what NO LONGER WORKS. 
We focus on training ONLY the systems creating MASSIVE results today, not ten years ago.
How do we do it? Tracking across our networks for a decade. Watching the changes in results and reacting with testing. Once we see results, our updates are released to our entire network.
Track Record: It is hard to imagine, but the teams Kathleen has coached now have Inside Sales Departments selling 200, 300, homes from that source alone per year. Track record is no guarantee of performance, and we can’t make you DO the DO in your business, but when it comes to return on our systems track record is the best indicator to go by.
If the following apply we strongly encourage you to take action and expand your business:
1. I am capped at a set hourly rate, or income, and can not break through
2. I can not get to prospecting no matter how hard I try
3. I have a team and retention is a problem
4. I have a team and lead gen dollars are flying out the window without the proper conversion
5. I have a team and they are favouring warm leads while dropping team leads
6. I want to grow my business
7. I want a salable business one day, and one that is PROFITABLE NOW!
This list could go on, and on… If any one of these points apply to you we urge you to join us at Ultimate Team Summit Nov 18th to 20th where we will dive in depth into the tools, systems, and steps to expand your business. This includes step by step organization charts, and exploring multiple areas of leverage like recruitment, hiring, motivating your team to bring in business, staying focused as an entrepreneur, and the Power of Inside Sales.

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