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Kathleen Black has been called the Real Estate Whisper. With the incredible amount of experience and results helping leaders build top Mega Teams, we can see why. 

We wanted to connect with Kathleen to learn more about how as a single mom she turned around one team coaching company, manages 2 kids, investments properties, a cottage, builds a new company to be among the Elite Coaching destinations within a year of inception, and has worked with a list of top teams and top producers to top 1% status pages long, all while having a waiting list for her services.


When did you first take interest in real estate and how do you think Psychology has helped you in the real estate sector?

I first took an interest in real estate in university. I was a single mother, and I wanted to make sure I had my son in a nice, family oriented neighbourhood. To make sure that happened, I started taking in roommates, and offering room and board to exchange students. That was my first taste of Real Estate Leverage, including waiting up at night for teenagers all the way to evicting roommates for non-payment. Even though it was a difficult time, I continued to seek leverage in Real Estate by pursuing rental properties and eventually I got into sales.

Psychology has helped me in real estate through understanding how people communicate, and how our brain works. This got results as an agent, but I have found it to be even more impactful as a coach. I have also been able to create and implement systems and funnel steps to sales. There is an art and a science to what we do, and I have been able to tap into this. A system is only as good as it’s creator for accuracy and efficiency, but in results, a system is only as good as the operator. This is where the art comes in, we all require the ability to see a system with the same eyes, feelings, and expectations as someone who has found success using them.

Systems are everywhere. However, people who understand systems and can replicate the results they offer, are actually somewhat rare.

What is some advice you can give to those looking to start, or are up and coming in the real estate sector?

I would strongly recommend investing in intellectual property. What I mean by this, is that you need to invest in your interpretation of the business. This industry no longer has room for the idea of “Learn from your mistakes,” you need to get in with those that are already achieving results, and find an environment which supports and expects results that are in line with your values and beliefs. Learn from teams, from joining great brokerages, read, take online training, or by connecting with a coach. To be in the top 1% is an investment.

Networks and collaboration are crucial. Over 75% of our Team Coaching clients are top 1% Nationally. I do not believe this is an accident. The Top Producers in our Industry represent incredible values presently shifting our Industry. I am grateful everyday to work with our clients.

What is one of the valuable lessons you have learnt about building your brand?

I am committed to building a brand based on contribution and representing the values I believe are desperately needed in our Industry. Real Estate offers representation and fiduciary duties to legally represent our clients, much like a lawyer, doctor, or accountant are obligated to provide. This ability to find our own personal value, to respect our time, and hone or master our craft is available to all of us in Real Estate. I believe great Leaders lead with purpose. For years we have taught that income or home sales are not a goal, but a biproduct of successfully building a business that resonates with the public. The reward may be the money, or the time, or the energy of succeeding, but the goal is building something capable of providing those rewards. This is what our brand in built on: Personal Leadership. Finding our personal values, vision, strategies and living in alignment on our own terms. Our goal is not that you find us, our goal is that you find yourself and your purpose. We support leaders in building teams to fuels dreams, passions, and purpose. It could be any industry, but we happen to have a massive amount of experience in the niche of Real Estate Team development and training. I don’t know of anyone with more hours, hands on experience, and success track record of working with teams from scratch of existing teams toward success then our team.

I have learned that success is rooted in a consistency, and consistency is a good word for system. The main difference is a system is tested, assessed, improved, and measured. We are consistently systematic while ensuring we work from purpose, and I believe profit is to some a necessity to live, but far from a purpose of our lives. You need to apply that idea to everything you do. You form your reputation based on your good intentions, towards yourself and your clients. This reputation will fuel the trajectory of your career. It certainly has for me.

What is one of the fondest memories in the real estate industry?

My fondest memory in Real Estate is hard to pick. I have so many memories which have touched my heart and my life for the better. When I presented my work on the Consultant’s Approach for the first time was a life changing moment, turning around the prior company I ran from massive debt and improving with years of content and system creation was a moment I realized I had achieved something I thought was insurmountable, as was speaking at Ultimate Team Summit under my new company, Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting, but none of those come close to the moments when I see our clients achieve goals they thought they would never touch, and set new, bigger, and now better targets. Those moments are hard to beat.

As John Denver wrote:

“This old guitar taught me to sing a love song, it showed me how to laugh and how to cry.

It introduced me to some friends of mine and brightened up some days.  It helped me make it through some lonely nights”


That is how I feel about Real Estate. It has taught me many lessons, and allowed me to find my heart and soul in my work. We really are “Real Estate Team”. It is in our blood.  As our slogan says, #ItTakesaTeam

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