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Increase and Improve Client Experiences? … Why Personality Profiling is Vital

Have you ever wondered what the ideal personality profile would be for a consultant on your sales team? For most Real Estate Agents who have ventured to build a team this question often comes to the forefront of their mind in one of two ways. Either they are experiencing the dreaded revolving door syndrome of agents perpetually using their resources and time as a launching pad for greener pastures, or they are keeping people who are not producing. These would both be lose-lose situations.

No one wants to be part of a team and feel they are not excelling. It isn’t good for business for either party. When we estimate the investment in recruiting and training a new sales partner for your team the price tag comes in at $25,000 minimum. That ticket price includes the coaching, training, systems, and opportunities required to get a well-profiled, talented new partner to a $100,000 plus net income in their first year of selling homes with your team. That is Net Income, as in after expenses and fees (except federal taxes).

Given the expense and investment for a new salesperson recruited to your team we need to consider indicators of success. This leads us to personality profiling. Profiling is an invaluable tool, whereby you can have a candidate complete a simple form to give us great insight into their way of approaching the world. Are they more goal oriented, more relationship based, or a mix? Would they prefer to be out amongst people or do they tend to keep to themselves? And finally what is our job description and the ideal candidate for that role? The combination of these insights leads us to a more predictable hiring and recruitment process. This is one of many indicators in a well-designed, tested, and tried recruitment process, but it is a key component to sales success.

There is an ideal personality type that will naturally thrive in a team setting with the right systems. Most of us have heard that we need “influential” relationship builders or “drivers” who are dominant and focused on the bottom line. This sounds very simple, but the truth is that all people are a combination of personalities and the focus is to get a combination that will work for the particular role and business culture that the potential new member would be joining. This is a delicate balance, and one which requires a good look at the existing personalities making up the team and how the new member will mesh with that dynamic.

Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting specializes in working with clients to create the most efficient inside sales departments (ISA), also known as Lead Conversion Partners (LCP), based on conversion and profitability. When the St Jean Team were creating their ISA Department, and started to be coached on DISC, Team Leader Michael St Jean from St Jean Realty Inc. in Hamilton, commented about hiring an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) or Lead Conversion Partner (LCP):

“Thank god for DISC. I’m running the ads and actively picking through applications/discs, having phone interviews, and one on one interviews in the office. I’m really picky at this point with regards to Lead Conversion Partners.”

We agree, DISC along with other personality profiling techniques have allowed the clients we work with to build strong teams forging ahead in a common vision. It is not only a candidate’s personality profile that will predict sales success though. It is not that simple. Based on completed profiles compiled across North America, there are two key workplace values most connected with sales success . The combination of personality style with two specific workplace motivators or values gives us the highest and most likely combination to indicate sales success.

Can you guess what they are? What values would make up a strong team player who will thrive on high production and provide excellent service to clients? It is a rare mix, and the key lies not only in doing a personality profile for candidates, but in asking detailed phone and in-person interview questions to uncover what personally motivates them. This can be heard in the candidates’ stories and decisions from their life as prompted by an effective set of interview questions. We are looking for patterns in the candidate’s decision making and life which indicate their overall workplace values.

Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting conducts regular Advanced DISC Strategies Workshops to train on using personality profiling with our families, friends, clients, and for recruitment and hiring. As a certified trainer’s trainer, we are also able to provide a full certification program for business owners to use this information in-house for training and recruitment.

If you are looking to build your business, profiling pinpoints the ideal candidates to consider before you reach the revolving door syndrome or you hire someone with the best of intentions who isn’t naturally suited to success in the role. Both are equally painful and expensive mistakes for business owners which can be avoided by making a small investment of time and education. Use a tried, tested, and true method to build a power house team and detour around the usual mistakes.

Our next Kore Pursuit KBCC DISC Personality Professional Certificate workshop runs January 17th just East of Toronto, Canada. Use this link to discover other events and DISC Workshop dates:

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Kathleen Black is a coveted Elite Coach, Mentor and Speaker. She has taken her experience as a top-producing Realtor and built it into one of the fastest growing, results-driven consulting company in North America, with the majority of her clients at the top 1% of production across the country. Kathleen serves as CEO, Speaker, Trainer and Elite Coach. Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting created & hosts

the  “Ultimate Team Summit”, an elite event destination for top producing teams.The systems she used in her daily real estate business, to get her to the top 1% of North America’s largest real estate board, are now the backbone of a real estate consulting company. Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting specializes in helping Realtors across North America build top teams and take their business to incredible levels of success.

Kathleen was named one of the top 100 Elite Women driving the future of Real Estate by REP Magazine and has been featured in REP Magazine, REM Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Epitome Magazine, ABC, NBC, and Fox News among many more!

Kathleen’s extensive knowledge of team building, NLP, Personality Profiling, and systems has enabled her to successfully coach hundreds of top producers to higher production. Many of her clients have now built mega-teams that are leading their markets in production. As a highly demanded coach, Kathleen has enjoyed a high retention rate, uncommon in the coaching industry, with loyal clients and a long waiting list for her services

Learn more about Kathleen at www.ItTakesa.Team

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