Our mission at Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting is to empower individual coaching clients with enhanced sales performance, sales process, and accountability.

Individual Consulting is an excellent introduction to our consulting and is ideal for the Realtor with a vision who wants to increase production, refine their skills, or wishes to increase and build their business. Perhaps you are considering starting a team in the future, or you simply wish to increase your personal business using proven concepts and techniques.

This level will focus on the core concepts to increase production, while laying the foundation for efficient conversion techniques and eventual leverage in your business. You can take your business to any level you’d like if your foundation is solid and this is a great place to start.


Individual Consulting includes the following features:

  • Initial set-up including DISC assessment, debriefing and initial goal setting.
  • Your own Personal Consultant (Coach).
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly 30 minute one-on-one team development calls with your Personal Consultant.
  • Customized Resources: Customized resources delivered via email by your Consultant (Coach) as topics are discussed, implemented & mastered.
  • Group Webcast: Access to Group Webcasts as they are made available via an email link.
  • Open Email Communication: You always have an open communication channel via email if something urgent happens in your business.
  • Exclusive Website Access: Your own personal login to the back-end of our website full of resources and helpful information
  • *Access to Entire Library of Materials: Includes manuals, scripts, tracking programs, marketing information, presentations, webcasts & much more. (Available only with a year long agreement)
  • 1 Free Team Summit Ticket: Receive a complimentary registration for you to our annual Team Summit (travel & accommodation not included)

*Library & Documentation Materials List

We have listed here by sections the documents and materials you will have access to on our Members’ Only website. Click each tab for document details.

  • KBCC Ultimate Listing Presentation
  • KBCC Ultimate Buyer Presentation
  • Ultimate Market Review Presentation
  • Lead Generation (Intro)
  • Lead Coordination & Database Management
  • Non-Branded Marketing
  • The Buying Cycle
  • Display Advertising
  • Online – Personal
  • Online – Craigslist & Kijiji
  • Classified Ad Examples
  • Name Recognition Marketing (Intro)
  • Name Recognition Marketing (Intro)
  • Loss Leader Advertising
  • Branded Online – Personal
  • Farming
  • Bus Bench & Billboard Advertising
  • Center of Influence
  • Business Cards
  • Television Advertising
  • Principles of Scripting
  • Five Stages of Internalization
  • Duty Inbound Lead Intake Form
  • Start of Call
  • Buyer Scripts
    -Value Proposition
    -Showing Offer
    -Top 5 Objections & 13 More
    -Additional Questions for Investors
    -Close to Buyer Call
    -Mortgage Brokers Standards
  • Seller Scripts
    -Value Proposition
  • Follow Up Offer
  • Appointment Reminder Script
  • Missed Appointment Script
  • Follow Up Call Script
  • Email Response to Lead With No Phone Number
  • Firm Client Testimonial Script
  • Centre of Influence – COI Call Scripts
  • For Sale By Owner – FSBO Call Script
  • Market Review Call Script


  • Just Listed-Just Sold Script
  • Farming Call Script
  • Roleplay Systems & Programs
    -Rules for Role Play
    -Ad Calls
    -Reminder Calls
    -Listing Objections
    -Commission Listing Role Play
  • DISC Training
  • Representations Systems Training (NLP)
  • Priority Focus
    -Increase Production Volume Without Sacrificying Service
    -Prioritize Your Time
  • Tracking Systems
    -Field Agent Weekly Tracker
    -Lead Conversion Partner Daily, Weekly Tracker
    -Performance Tracker (Goals to Actual Production)
  • Visualization
  • Goal Setting
  • Goal Breakdown Sheets
  • Partners Business Plan
  • Meeting Outlines, Themes & Inspiration
  • Buyer Review Sheet
  • Listing Review Sheet
  • Access to everything we continue to develop
  • Do The OPPOSITE: Everything You’ve Been Told about Social Media Is DEAD WRONG
  • We Are Our Habits
  • The Listing System: Consultant’s Approach to Price & Fee
  • Modeling Your Clients
  • Time Management
  • Excelling Energetically
  • Time Management
  • Brain Science of Achievement
  • Using the Showing Offer
  • Transformational Leadership: Maximizing Potential
  • The Listing Presentation
  • Knowing Yourself and Understanding Others
  • Building Rapport: Part II
  • Building Rapport: Part I
  • What Can Stand in Your Way of Building a Team?
  • How to Start Calls and Why
  • How to Find Your Unique Ability
  • Increase Your List to Sell Ratio Instantly
    The Value Your Team Has To Offer: Why Our Commission Structure Works
    What’s Your Edge for 2013?
    The Power of Priority Focus and Contact Management
    Business Principles
    Dealing with Fee: Commission and the Listing System
    Effective Communication II
    When and How to Get a Lead Conversion Dept.
    Effective Communication
    Time Management: Priority Focus
    Tracking: How and Why
    Bonus: Full Uninterrupted Buyer Presentation
  • How to make 2012 Amazing: Making Your Business Plan a Living Document
  • How to Deal with a “Difficult” Buyer
  • Simple 1-2-3 Pricing
  • Consistent Power Packed Meetings
  • How to Build a Marketing Plan
  • DISC Training Part II: Profiling: Profiling and Dealing with Clients
  • DISC Training Part I: Profiling: The Role of Profiling in Recruitment
  • Presenting Buyer Contracts: Dealing with Objections and Eliminating Risk
  • Performance Audit Process
  • Recruiting Top Team Members
  • Transitioning New and Existing Team Members into Our System (Part II)
  • Transitioning New and Existing Team Members into Our System (Part I)
  • Getting the Most from Stealth Marketing
  • Getting the Most from Your Marketing and Advertising
  • Getting the Most from Your Coaching (Bonus)
  • Team Business Planning
  • Goal Setting and Business Planning
  • Positioning Yourself and Negotiating Stronger Offers
  • 21 Day Market Review
  • Million Dollar Listing Presentation
  • The Listing System
  • The Buyer Plan
  • Million Dollar Buyer Presentation
  • Business Principles
  • Branded Lead Generation
  • How to Run a Power-Packed Meeting
  • Lead Conversion
  • Non-Branded Lead Generation
  • Hiring
  • Recruiting
  • Welcome Call

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