Here are the most common questions that we get asked.  They include questions about contacting us, guarantees and recommendations for the right resources for the specific person.  We hope that these answers will assist you in making the right decisions for you.

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“I can’t find a product. Help!”

Use the Search Button.  Type in the subject you are looking for, and you will be provided with choices.

“I have a question and I prefer to speak to someone. When is your office open?”

We are in the office 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday EST.  Please call us at 1.844.866.5222 and if we are not able to answer please leave a message and we will return your call within 1 business day.  

If you prefer you are able to send an email to admin@kathleenspeaks.com or connect with us on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/KathleenBlackCoaching/

“I’m on a budget. I want to buy more than one product. Do you have specials?”

Yes. Often, we have specials and discounts available.  Check the website frequently for Early Bird Deals to some of our more popular products.  Also, if you’re a KBCC member (a client of our Legacy, Lifestyle or Mastery programs) you will receive exclusive KBCC discounts to our Workshops and Bootcamps as well as complimentary tickets to our Ultimate Team Summit (1 for Legacy, 2 for Lifestyle and Mastery).

“Does Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting Only Coach Teams?”


Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting has learned systems that can develop individuals to be top producers and can assist in integrating these systems into your business with great success.  We want to be on the journey with you as you learn how to be the best Individually and learn ways to leverage your time to have greater success either by continuing individually or by reclaiming your time and resources to do more and achieve your short term and long-term goals.

Many of our top success stories started their coaching programs with us as Individual Agents or partners.

“How do I know that your coaching program is right for me? How do you compare to other programs?"

Please contact us at admin@kathleenspeaks.com or call us at 1.844.866.5222 in order to set up a complimentary Coaching Consultation with one of our coaches, whether you are an Individual Agent or a Team, we want to learn more about your business and ‘fires’ we can help to put out before we work with you on systems and tools that will help you reach the Vision your Business for the Future.  Once the Consultation is complete we will send an assessment to match you best with one of our Coaches to help guide you in Building your Business.

"I’ve investigated other coaching programs, what makes your stand out?"

The Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting method is about taking the needs of YOUR business and understanding that each Business is different and provide a personalized coaching that works with you to reach your Goals and Vision for the Future.  This approach is used by making sure we understand the Business Plan for your business and creating a roadmap that will allow for taking actionable steps in a systemized manner so that you are able to build the future of your Vision. Working with your professionally trained, real-estate Coach will ensure that you are able to use the methods of Top Producers across North America while still focusing on what makes your business unique.

We have built hundreds of teams and individual businesses to the heights of Top 1% Production levels.  

Check out our success stories here: https://kathleenspeaks.com/about-us/success-stories/

“I see agents advertising that they make millions of dollars with their own systems. Why shouldn’t I buy theirs?”

Maybe you should!  Buy, before you do, assess what you need in your career to take it to the next level.  In our experience, hiring, training and coaching agents across North America, checklists are not enough.  You need training and coaching built into those resources!  Ask yourself, how many assistants and employees those agents have to get those results?

We have worked with hundreds of teams to build and many top teams use Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting Systems as their base across North America.  Check out our success stories here: https://kathleenspeaks.com/about-us/success-stories/

Most important to you is to pick systems that will take you to the next level.  Pick systems that are developed with YOUR best interests in mind – not just systems used by someone else who isn’t ‘walking in your shoes’.  Our systems combine solid business principles and processes with the teaching, knowledge and skills you need to actually make them work! I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a top producer AND have trained other top producers. So, I see this from both sides.

“How do I get started? What happens prior to my coaching call?”

Prior to your first coaching call, you’ll provide us with a Business Assessment. You will get the results of your behavioural profile and values profile (Individual Agent).  With all this information, your coach and you create your game plan, using the appropriate prioritization tools of KBCC and your business planning system.

Together you’ll create:


  • A Dynamic, proven lead generating plan or recruiting plan (depending on your individual needs), customized to fit.
  • An Action Plan for creating organization, vision, focus, structure and systems to support your business growth.


“Do I have to sign up for a one-year agreement?”


We do have month to month options available however in order to see results with the Coaching program it will take more than one month to see results and as such we have provided savings and additional resources so that you are able to build your team to your vision quickly.

“What happens at the end of my One Year Coaching Agreement?”

After one year of coaching we would like to still be a part of the success of your Team and after that time you are able to continue with Coaching on a Month to Month with no increased fees compared to the Month to Month basis.  Should you be interested in discontinuing your coaching we ask for notice 30 days (from your monthly payment date) prior in writing.

“What else is included in your Coaching Programs?”

  • Resources available directly to you (via Email for Legacy Clients, through our Members Only Vault with resources for teams ranging in yearly units of production from 20 to 1500+ for Lifestyle and Mastery Clients)
  • Monthly Webcast
  • Monthly Team Leader Online mastermind with Kathleen and guests
  • Processes and systems, plus articles to keep you motivated and inspired
  • KBCC Client Discounts for Events, Workshops and Bootcamps
  • A DISC Assessment Report is available that allows you to see the behavioural patterns of yourself and your team and how to ensure that you are able to effectively communicate with your team and your prospects to grow your business
  • Priority access to Ultimate Team Summit tickets and Ultimate Mastermind 100 Deals +

“What happens in a KBCC Coaching Session?”

There are three sections to every coaching session.

  • Past

You and your coach will review the time since your last call, holding you accountable to the action steps that were discussed that you wanted to achieve.  This helps with one of the biggest challenges real estate professionals have: time management

  • Present

We will work with the aspects of your business that you have expressed need attention should this include Role-Play, Systemization of Events as well as developing the Consultant’s approach all with the goal of meeting the training foundations you want to master to reach your goals.

  • Future

You and your coach will decide on the actionable steps you want to take between coaching calls to accomplish what you want to get done – this keeps you focused on what’s really important to you, another big challenge for real estate professionals.

“I’m a new agent. What do I need right now?”

The first step will be to understand the processes of Top Performing Teams by enrolling in the Elite Business Builder Program https://kathleenspeaks.com/our-services/elite-business-builder/  

This will allow you to develop plans for your vision, so you have direction and focus.


"My biggest problem is organization. Can you help me with that?"

Absolutely! Our coaching program has been created as a major organizational tool. For example, in the first week, we have a process that helps you organize and prioritize your goals. We even help you put them on a timeline, so both you and your coach know how to proceed. We know that this coaching experience needs to be highly organized for you—at the same time, provide great ‘personality’ flexibility.

"I’m okay with being accountable to my plan. I just don’t want a cookie-cutter, “just do this now” approach. How flexible are your coaches?"

Of all the real estate coaching programs around today, (and everybody’s calling themselves a coach………), Kathleen’s is the only one actually created as a result of her working with Agents, Team Leaders and Managers in real estate offices—one at a time– for over a decade.  She knows that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, and she and her coaches work hard to help you create a game plan, vision, and methods that work for YOU.

This work has lead to Kathleen working with hundreds of teams to create Top 1% production nationally.

“What will I get if I select a Month to Month Coaching Option?”

In the Month to Month Coaching agreement you will have a Personal Consultant (Coach), weekly or bi-weekly development calls with your Consultant, personalized consulting designed specifically for you based on your current needs, open email with your Coach, access to the Monthly Group Webcast, customized resources delivered as topics are implemented and mastered, updates on the latest team development strategies and innovations.

“How much time will it take to do the work between coaching calls?”

Coaching is based on real life situations.  The things you decide you want to accomplish are those meaningful activities you would do if you were doing your business in the most effective and efficient way possible.  For example. You have lead generating expectations that you and your coach set up each week. Why? So you can meet more people and sell more homes!

Doing the work is your career day – when you are working at optimum performance.

For those of you who feel you are not working at optimum: We’ll help you build successful habits and rituals to replace some the non-productive time you have been spending with productive activities/  You’ll be more focused, more relaxed and accomplish more.

“I don’t want my coach to act like another ‘mom’. Will my coach get mad at me if I don’t get my action plan done?”

That’s not the way it works. This isn’t a parent-child relationship! Your coach’s job is to support your goals, and help you remove barriers to those goals.

What will happen if you aren’t completing the actions that directly affect your goal attainment? I’ve asked our coaches to be honest with you. We’ll help you assess your progress regularly, and help you make adjustments in your plan. After all, you aren’t going to sing our praises unless you have achieved your goals with us!

"How will I keep track of my accomplishments—and how will my coach keep track?"

We have created specific documents for capturing your action plans for the following weeks. We have created specific documents for recording your goals and your actual accomplishments in all major areas. All you need to do is to use these goal setting and measuring documents with your coach. It’s easy and you really learn where your strengths are.

“Time management. It’s my biggest challenge. I sell and manage an office. How will you help me recruit, train, and coach when I just don’t have time?”

This is one of the areas that excites us the most! We provide a detailed supporting system to create a recruiting plan, implement it, implement productivity-focused training and coaching—and get everything done faster with measurable results!

"I get going in too many directions at once. Can you help me with focus?"

Yes! One of the strongest points of our program is that we have the tools that create and provide focus. One of Kathleen Black’s talents is to create analytical tools and sales processes that give you insights into your own strengths and challenges. Her sales processes keep you focused and on track

"I’m not interested in just a ‘feel good’ program (where they say, “How are you feeling about that?”). I’m running a business! How will you provide me solid game plans I can count on (I’m not organized enough as it is!)?"

Too many coaching programs have no ‘game plan’ as a foundation, so you don’t know priorities—you can’t decide which is the right step to take. Kathleen knows that you can’t coach to great performance without a great ‘game plan’; her game plans were created in the real world of real estate sales and management, proven over and over—and used by successful real estate professionals. You deserve a solid foundation, and Kathleen’s programs provide that to you, so you can proceed with confidence toward your goals.

“What other Systems will help in Building my Business?”

Most agents NEVER get their acts together to create effective processes and presentations for buyers or sellers.  If they do, it takes them years. By investing now, you will perform like a top producer much more quickly. The Ultimate Buyer and Seller Consultations are parts of our Elite Business Builder program, https://kathleenspeaks.com/our-services/elite-business-builder/ as well as trained and role-played through our Coaching sessions, so that it will make sure that you are acting like you’ve been in business for a decade or more.  This also comes with detailed checklists so that you don’t forget something.

As well coaching will give you access to Objection Handling for Buyers and Sellers – why lose transactions because you can’t answer buyers’ and sellers’ objection?  This is the easy way to learn, and develop the Consultant’s Approach that is allowing for Top Teams to improve and set the standard for results in their brokerages.

“What’s your business-getting strategy? Do you have your way of doing the business?”

Our overall strategy is based on what works in real life—and what we know clients are willing to do!  So, we don’t use the dictator approach of “do this now because I said so”! After all, our clients are adults, and we are coaching them, not dictating to them! We also don’t use a limited approach to expanding your business. Instead, we teach you how to prioritize the activities in your business, so you are spending less time, getting more results, and enjoying it more. The strategies we use come from Kathleen’s experience as a top producer, upholding the highest ethics and culture for a quality, sustainable business. We’re not going to teach you unsuccessful methods to cut corners!


“I’m a Team Leader/Manager, and I want to use your systems to hire and train winners!”

Call us at 1.844.866.5222 or email admin@kathleenspeaks.com to set up a consultation with one of our coaches.  The Hiring Process is an essential part of developing any business and we want to be able to provide you with the tools necessary to ensure that you are selecting, orienting, coaching and training new agents (and experienced ones) to high productivity and be the right member of your team to reach the Goals of your Vision.

“I’m a new Team Leader/Manager. What should I buy to get my brokerage ‘up and running’?

Our coaching program is based on accountability and leveraging your business with the goal of getting results from your team and ensuring they are receiving the mindset necessary to become Top Producers.  The Elite Business Builder Program https://kathleenspeaks.com/our-services/elite-business-builder/ was developed through in class sessions but is now available online so that you are able to complete it at your and your team’s pace.  There are 4 levels, each having 9 sessions that are approximately 2-3 hours each with downloadable resources for future review and to develop the systems and strategies of Top Producers.

Another option is leveraging our team coaching series for one on one or group training for your new agents.

“Can I leverage Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting for my weekly team training?”


Many Top Producing teams see the value of having the time to develop the skills necessary to reach their goals and by doing so in an environment that is built on building the most of their businesses.  By having training that has actionable steps in place and with accountability placed on all team members to success while at the same time allowing you to ensure that time is devoted towards putting plans in your business and making sure that it grows.  

We also provide on-board training for every role on your team.

“Can I have my team on the coaching calls?”


We have weekly coaching programs designed to bring success for the entire team and build the business, by setting action items for the whole team to develop the systems and skills that are used by Top Producers across North America.  These programs are designed to give actionable steps that will hold your team accountable to taking steps towards success.

“As a Team Leader/Manager, I know I need to recruit. How can you help?”

Through coaching we will go through the complete process from beginning to end – the communication skills you need, KBCC Ultimate Presentations, how to get the first appointment, how to create and promote the business.

If you’re recruiting and selecting new agents, you will want to make sure you are selecting the right new people.  Including the proper way to interview, the best questions to use, and to go into great depth about the selection process of the new agent, so you can select people who are trainable and who will be successful!

“I’m a Team Leader/Manager and I’ve been told that I need to create a new agent training program. What do you suggest?”

Our coaching program is based on accountability and leveraging your business with the goal of getting results from your team and ensuring they are receiving the mindset necessary to become Top Producers.  The Elite Business Builder Program https://kathleenspeaks.com/our-services/elite-business-builder/ was developed through in class sessions but is now available online so that you are able to complete it at your and your team’s pace.  There are 4 levels, each having 9 sessions that are approximately 2-3 hours each with downloadable resources for future review and to develop the systems and strategies of Top Producers.

Another option is leveraging our team coaching series for one on one or group training for your new agents.


“How can I get information about Kathleen’s live presentations and webinars?”

Please look at our main page which includes upcoming events and workshops such as our DISC Certification Program, Awaken Your Potential Program, the 100+ Mastermind and the Ultimate Team Summit.  There are also resources available in regards to setting up Brokerage Training, https://kathleenspeaks.com/our-services/brokerage-training/ and Keynote Speaking Opportunities, https://kathleenspeaks.com/keynote-speaking/. As well you are able to contact us directly at admin@kathleenspeaks.com with your inquiry and we can learn more about what your needs are and match our resources to them.

“How do Kathleen’s resources ‘rate’ in the industry?”

Kathleen has been named as one of the Top 100 Women leading the future of Real Estate by REP magazine https://issuu.com/keymedia/docs/rep2.02_emag as well as named on the Swanepoel Power 200 2018 Emerging Leaders https://www.t360.com/power200/emerging-leaders and has been able to lead Top Brokerages to success and has coached hundreds of teams to greater success including Top Producers using Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting system all the way to 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000+ deals per year.  You can learn more of how we have made a difference clicking this link https://kathleenspeaks.com/about-us/success-stories/

"I want to learn more about upcoming Events and Workshops provided by Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting?"

Sign up and we will keep you posted on upcoming events.

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"I have purchased entry to an upcoming event but cannot attend due to last minute timing?"

All Sales are Final, however we can definitely appreciate that circumstances beyond our control can occur and you will have the opportunity to place your purchase into a credit for an alternate Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting product up to 2 weeks prior to the purchased event.  As of two weeks before all sales are final, please contact us directly at admin@kathleenspeaks.com for any extraordinary circumstances.


“Am I able to use resources to provide to other people?”

The materials used are copywritten and are for individual use unless expressly notified.  If you are an Owner, Manager, Team Leader, or trainer, and want to use the materials in some other fashion, please contact admin@kathleenspeaks.com to set up a time to discuss with Kathleen in greater detail.  Kathleen has worked with companies in licensing her programs, but without a license agreement, you are violating copywrite law.  

Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting licenses content to our clients as long as he/she is bound by an Agreement to use any and all content of the Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting (“program”) in his/her Real Estate Sales Business only.  Program content is constantly adapted and enhanced and may vary from time to time. The Client further acknowledges that the use of, including without limitation, any reproduction, presentation or commercial use of concepts, strategies, methods and materials used in this program, which is the sole and exclusive intellectual property of Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting is prohibited without the express written permission of Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting.  The resale copying, distribution or transmission, electronically, or by other means, of these materials, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. Excluding concepts, strategies, methods and materials currently used by the client.

“I own a company. I want to ‘brand’ some of your materials. How do I do that?”

Please contact us at admin@kathleenspeaks.com .  We have worked with Century 21, Royal LePage, Re-Max, Keller Williams among others to write and brand programs, unique to each culture.

“How does Coaching work with the resources available?”

Within our 3 coaching levels, we provide Team and Individual Level Coaching and supporting systems so you get the coaching you need to put the systems to work – and the teaching tools right at your fingertips that keep on teaching and supporting your goals when we’re not communicating directly with you.  That’s why our coaching clients get so much further faster.

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