Join us for our 9-week Self Study ONLINE Program

As Originally Presented in REP Magazine – please view the link here Join us for our 9-week Self Study ONLINE Program Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting is pleased to present The Elite [...]

Elite Business Builder Training Series

Please view the original article published in REP Magazine here Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting, a respected and renowned Canadian Real Estate Coaching & Training company, are [...]

How to use a consultant’s approach to get clients

As originally published on please click here to view article. The way 99 per cent of real estate agents approach clients is pushing away most of their potential clients. In this [...]

Avoid These Team Building Mistakes

Have you ever wondered what makes a top producing real estate team or how certain teams seem to have rocket launchers attached to their business in what looks like an effortless approach, while [...]

How Personality Profiling Helps Your Business

Have you ever wondered what the ideal personality profile would be for a consultant on your sales team? For most Real Estate Agents who have ventured to build a team this question often comes to [...]

Does it seem like “I’m Too Busy” Is Your New Motto? Take Back Your Time Towards Your Real Potential

First a little background on what inspired me to come up with “The 7 Tips to Source Your Creative Energy” in the first place….. It seems like “I’m Too Busy” has become the new [...]

Are You Stepping into the Field Without Your Play Book?

This is the moment. The game is down to the wire with both teams tied for the win. You look to left for a signal of the play that will take your team to the top. You look to the left again, then [...]

The Consultant’s Approach: Why Wisdom is Wealth in Today’s Marketplace.

 ” Leadership is a potent combination of  strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.” ~General H. Norman Schwarzkopf~ This quote reminds me of [...]

You Want to Talk Obsolete? Try “Business Coaching”

Excellence is no longer reserved, nor can it be isolated, strictly within business development. This is an obsolete approach. Today’s excellence lies in potential, heart, and mindset. It [...]

Plan to Plan: Yes Now! Before You Jump in that Fish Bowl, Not so Kindly Referred to as Monday

Planning to Plan is the theme for my week! An understanding of who we really are, and what we are here to accomplish in this world, is the greatest responsibility, inspiration, and freedom I have [...]