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We all need an inner game worthy of armour in pursuit of the legacy of our lives. You have to do what you see is right, and expect that others may not agree. “The war is won before it is fought.” …eventually inner game matches outer game for those devoted enough to wait.

A devotion to our life’s work is not limited to convenience. It sits with us and drags us through the mud whether we want to go or not. It is a calling to purpose, and for me, a calling to empower voice.

I don’t pray others will pray. Instead I pray.

I don’t hope others will not gossip. Instead I cease to gossip.

I can’t force others to show up. I will show up.

I can not change the actions of others. I can inspire my actions.

I can not justify what others choose not to see. I can live in integrity and trust my values.

I can not make everyone love or like me. I can live my values consistently. This is testament enough.

I can not make others change. I can change.

Who we are and how we choose to live is our greatest messy masterpiece. It is our legacy. Leadership starts on the inside.

I seek to shelter my soul with the love and support of like minded people. I am calling out for like minded mentors, mentees, friends, tribe members, teachers, trainers, coaches, and team members. Building that tribe together based on a consistent, reliable, integral love and commitment to live and serve will be my work.

We are all in or we are all out. In this pursuit, there is no middle ground.

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We specialize in working with our clients and community to empower voice, personal power, and leadership. Having coached and trained thousands of people, and hundreds of teams, we bring the most advanced mindset and systemization available to create simple results: Your Success, by your defintion, done your way.

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Kathleen Black is a coveted Elite Coach, Mentor and Speaker. She has taken her experience as a top-producing Realtor and built it into one of the fastest growing, results-driven consulting company in North America, with the majority of her clients at the top 1% of production across the country. Kathleen serves as CEO, Speaker, Trainer and Elite Coach. Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting.

Kathleen created & hosts the  “Ultimate Team Summit”, an elite event destination for top producing teams.The systems she used in her daily real estate business, to get her to the top 1% of North America’s largest real estate board, are now the backbone of a real estate consulting company. Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting specializes in helping Realtors across North America build top teams and take their business to incredible levels of success.

Kathleen was named one of the top 100 Elite Women driving the future of Real Estate by REP Magazine and has been featured in REP Magazine, REM Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Epitome Magazine, ABC, NBC, and Fox News among many more!

Kathleen’s extensive knowledge of team building, NLP, Personality Profiling, and systems has enabled her to successfully coach hundreds of top producers to higher production. Many of her clients have now built mega-teams that are leading their markets in production. As a highly demanded coach, Kathleen has enjoyed a high retention rate, uncommon in the coaching industry, with loyal clients and a long waiting list for her services

Learn more about Kathleen at www.ItTakesa.Team

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