North America’s leading Team Systems Coaching, Consulting and Training company, Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting, works with business owners to create exponential wealth, abundance, while enjoying a lifestyle of their choosing. Utilizing the strength of KBCC systems, and/or training from Kathleen Black in their everyday business, clients have gone from solo producers to teams of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 1000+ deals per year. The combination of leverage with systems has created high levels of success for our clients across North America. We have developed a niche in helping Realtors create efficient and profitable partnerships, or teams, in record time.

We have consistently shown unprecedented results in helping clients build powerhouse real estate teams thriving with over 75% of our clients representing top 1% production levels in their market, and national levels. Clients who have built their teams using KBCC or Kathleen Black to implement systems for advanced organizational, management, compensation, and conversion systems rank amongst the top 1% in their market places, and more important have built teams that attract natural talent and retain top producing team members.

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Kathleen Black Ultimate Team Summit Testimonials



Dan Gemus

Team Leader The Dan Gemus Team, #1 Team Production Windsor & Essex County

Dan Gemus knows what it takes to be Number 1, whether that is Number 1 in Production for all of Windsor & Essex County for 2016, 2017, or having the highest production per agent for any team in Windsor. Dan was committed to building a team with a clear strategy and systems from the start. The team has experienced unprecedented growth compared to the typical team growth trajectory, but this team is anything but typical. They invested in the tried, tested, and true approach to team building from the start, coupled with Dan’s unique gifts in radio, media, and brand development, the team had a winning formula from the start!

The Dan Gemus Team started with a power house partnership and within two years of partnering with Kathy Talbot leveraged a team of six in record time! The team is now at the top of their market place for gross commission, selling 220 homes in 2015, and has quickly become a dominate force in their area due to their focused team culture putting clients and the community first.

Our team has seen unbelievable results since coaching began with Kathleen! Kathleen’s approach to the industry is revolutionary. Everything is made simple which helps keep the team members involved and focused. One of the biggest challenges we’ve had in our quick growth was having the proper systems in place. Having constant easy access to Kathleen has been extremely important and has allowed us to master scripting at a much quicker pace. There’s no question Kathleen knows her stuff! And in turn she’s not afraid to teach it to any new members as they join our team!



The St. Jean’s went from a partnership to a team of 6 and have tripled their business in 3 years as well as opened their own brokerage, St Jean Realty Inc. The team actively sells at the top 1% of their marketplace and has become a driving force in the pre-sale condominium market in Hamilton.

Amy Flowers

Team Leader Amy Flowers Team, Top 1% RLP Canada 2015

Amy built her team from scratch to the current powerhouse team thriving in the Milton market. As one of the Milton area’s leading real estate teams, the Amy Flowers Team takes the dreams people have of buying or selling a home and helps them grow into reality.



AJ Hazzi went from working as an individual agent to having a team of 7 and have consistently reached top production levels for team in their marketplace. The team is now housed at Vantage West Realty, a boutique style brokerage serving the team concept with a focus of superior services for their clients, and an elevated lifestyle for the team members.


Chuck & Melissa Charlton

Team Leaders The Charlton Advantage Team, Top 1% RLP Canada 2015

Melissa & Chuck Charlton went from a partnership to a team of 6 and have gone from 35 transactions per year to over 130 transactions with a healthier work/life balance.

The Charlton Advantage Real Estate Team does a lot of business in Milton and the surrounding areas. In fact, they’re ranked in the Top 100 Realtors in Canada, helping a client move once every three days.

But you won’t see billboards, newspaper ads or bus shelters with their names all over. If you imagine the best restaurant you’ve ever visited, they probably don’t do a lot of advertising. They don’t need to. They deliver serious quality service and food, and let the word spread on its own.

Their Milton Daily Homes daily videos have been viewed more than two million times over the last five years!

There is a saying, that when the student is ready the teacher appears. That couldn’t have been more true then the first time I met Kathleen. 6 years ago, Chuck and I had our first child, we were working 60 hours a week 6-7 days a week. Both of us weren’t sure how much longer we’d be in the business. Fast forward 6 years and Kathleen has helped us grow from a husband and wife “team” with a GCI of $330,000, to a team of 7, built our own team office, and we’ve just had our best year ever in 2015 with a GCI just over 1.2 million. Kathleen was our “secret weapon” to achieve these results in such a short period of time. Not only is she our teacher, but she is also our biggest supporter. The path to success wasn’t always easy, but whenever we experienced a set back we always knew we could count on Kathleen to point us in the right direction. We are forever grateful to have her in our lives personally and professionally.


Cintia De Aguiar

Cintia De Aguiar, Team Leader, The Cintia De Aguiar Team, #28 Agent in Canada Remax 2015

Cintia De Aguiar, recently awarded as #28 out out the top 100 Re/Max agents in Canada and #70 out of the top 100 Re/Ma agents in the world! Cintia has grown from an individual top producing agent, to a thriving team with a dynamic street front Team storefront location. Stephanie De Souza, field agent with Cintia’s team, was just awarded top 30 under 30 in 2016 within Re/Max Canada. Consistently on the top in their service area and office for production, this is a powerhouse team to watch for massive growth in the coming year.

Every year The Cintia De Aguiar Team supports the community with scholarships, in house training opportunities, and community give aways. “RE-INVESTING” is one of the core values of this team.


Mike Heddle



Mike Heddle holds a Honour Commerce & Economics Degree, is a Broker and Team Leader of ‘The Heddle Group’ at Royal LePage State Realty, Brokerage; a member RLP National Chairman’s Club (Top 1% in Canada); and the “Keyspire: preferred partner” for the Brantford, Hamilton & St. Catherines markets” whereby he and his team consistently assist clients in achieving 30-40% returns on real estate investments.

Mike is not only called upon for his innovation in the Real Estate Industry, he has also spent years in development with McMaster University to assist in the creation of a recruitment program to attract talented physicians and faculty members

When a team doubles their volume in units within a 12 month time period everyone asks a familiar question: “How did they do it?” Mike Heddle and Team have achieved the dream. They have doubled from 131 transactions and were still pushing for 300 by the end of November.

The team named the final push to reach their goal as “The Road to 50” getting everyone behind the final months to achieve 300 units together. Mike will share source of business breakdowns, the teams strategic investment into into systems and training, what changed in him and his approach as a leader,and the vision ahead for the team. What many will find fascinating is Mike’s ability to lead the team to new heights while selling 40% less himself personally this year.

The real estate industry has changed. Mike Heddle is a prime example of why teams are providing unmatched service, and the only option to truly have a Top 1% business in units, GCI, and the eyes of your clients!

This is a powerful example of systems and strategic implementation behind the scenes of a top performing team and business.

KBCC coaching made a quick impact in my business. Having a sounding board of someone with experience and a new point of view allows me to have superior confidence in the systems I implement and the focus of my team. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with KBCC by my side.


Paul Baron

Century 21 Leading Edge | #1 Production C21 Canada 2015

I am always looking for the best in the industry, and we found that with Kathleen. I am spending significant money on online lead generation, and the only agents I provide leads have completed Kathleen’s Elite Business Training. Why give leads to agents that close 2/10, when you can give the to agents that close 8/10.


Reale Rose


Reale has been described as “making real estate cool again” and this is no small feat in the competitive markets of New York City. With a focus on Sales, Investment, Property Management, Business Development, Negotiation, and Strategic Planning, Reale has successfully launched Feeder Real Estate, an aggressive start up brokerage in the heart of Manhattan. Despite the heavy competition, Reale states that “Real estate has changed life my life. But, I realized early on that real estate in NYC is all about mindset and attitude.”

Others have described Reale as “walking proof that anything is possible… things never go according to plan and one must be able to improvise quickly or not survive, in relation to Reale I have seen him move swiftly and execute accordingly in difficult situations and rise to the occasion. Reale is a clever entrepreneur planning 10 steps ahead which is why he is successful and his empire continues to flourish. Reale does not follow a given path, he makes his own trail.” This makes Reale a perfect match for our “RE-INVENT” panel this year at Ultimate Team Summit.

Kathleen Black’s Elite Business Builder series has been truly amazing. The Feeder team and I have learned a tremendous amount from the system that she has taught us. What Kathleen has done for me, as the principal broker, cannot be replicated. Providing a new psychological outlook to scripts and presentation packages it is something that I could not have done without her knowledge. Kathleen is developing the Real Estate Agent of the 21st Century.

Through Kathleen Black’s Coaching we are changing our Real Estate game from Salesperson to Consultant.

$30 million in gross sales and managed over $500 million in properties


Jay Miller

The Jay Miller Team: #1 for number of homes sold in York Region in 2015

Jay is committed to understanding your real estate goals. His extensive knowledge and experience will help you achieve your goals. Honesty and integrity combined with superior customer service and negotiating skills are the basic principles of Jay’s business. As Team Leader and Marketing Director, Jay works closely with the Team Members to ensure our clients very best interests are at heart. Jay is an award winning Realtor who is also committed to helping others by donating part of every commission he earns to various charities.​

Having worked with one of the coaches at KBCC, I know that there is incredible insight available on systems, scripts, team building and much more. I’m happy to be part of the Ultimate Team Summit!


John Barry

Team Leader, RE/MAX Quinte John Barry Realty Ltd.

In 1947, Frank E Barry founded one of the first Real Estate companies in the Trenton area.  

In 1958, his son Frank J Barry joined his father and retired in December 2013 after 55 years in real estate.

In 1987, John Barry joined his father Frank in the family business becoming a third generation Realtor. John found immediate success inside the Family run business. He worked in all aspects of the brokerage while having a focus on Sales and growing his personal book of clients as a part of “The Barry Boys” real estate team.  

In 2000, the Barry family decided to sell their Independent Brokerage and joined Re/Max Quinte Brokerage Inc. office allowing their clients the world wide exposure. The Barry Team went on to achieve huge success as one of the Top Teams in the area and as a Top Team in the Re/Max System earning the Top 3 Team in the areas under 150,000 population for numerous years in a row.

In 2015 John Barry Opened Re/Max Quinte – John Barry Realty Inc. under the new Re/Max incorporation platform. 

Team John Barry and RE/MAX Quinte are leaders in the Trenton, Belleville & Brighton real estate community with a reputation for integrity, dedication and as equally important, they are known for achieving results

In my pursuit of Constant and Never-ending Improvement over the past 29 years in real estate, I found that the systems and coaching provided by Andy Herrington and KBCC are exceedingly useful. Having a sounding board and someone to keep me focused in the right direction is imperative to the success we as a Team enjoy. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business.


Sherif Nathoo

Toronto Urban Market Real Estate SME • International Investment and Property Management Expert • Consistent in Owner-Tenant Satisfaction • Top Awarded Sales Professional, 2004-Current

Whether buying, selling, or renting Toronto real estate, Sherif Nathoo and his hand-picked team of Toronto Real Estate Experts always strive to provide the best knowledge, advice, and expertise to ensure a smooth transaction and positive client experience.

Sherif Nathoo is a full-time real estate professional with a thorough understanding of Toronto urban markets. Specializing in real estate investment and condo property management, Sherif has developed a long-term management process to meet the needs of property owners and deliver a consistent level of owner-tenant satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide clients with a one-stop- shop for real estate and investment support services that ensure the highest possible return and peace of mind.

Kathleen’s amazing Elite Business Builder Training lead me to join the KBCC Coaching program. The accountability and systems are amazing and it truly helps to create a focused approach to my business. It has allowed me the comfort to grow my team and begin a journey towards the life I dream about!




Jeremy dedicates himself to serving the needs of his clients before, during, and after each transaction. Along with being a REALTOR®, Jeremy also finished Civil Engineering: Building Design at Red River College, becoming an engineering technician. This education taught him a fair amount and gave him a background in structural engineering, blueprint reading, concrete testing, surveying, as well as building code analysis. Being a licensed realtor, not only can he help you buy or sell your home, he also knows the construction side of homes as well.

“Coaching … I don’t know where we would be without it. The strategies, the pay structure. They have seen and heard it all. So when we take our issues to our Coach, they know exactly how to fix them or set us on the right course.”





Neil has been caring for people’s Real Estate needs for over 32 years, with his focus on assisting people in their goals in a world class way.

He believes in exceeding people’s expectations, listening to their needs and desires and helping them to achieve those needs by guiding them through all aspects of Real Estate with integrity. His ability to think outside the box often leads people to solutions they did not even know were possible.

As the leader of The Bayley-Hay Team, it is his utmost goal to ensure that every person achieves a wonderfully seamless experience.


“We expected a lot when we came to Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting, and we have gotten significantly more. The Coaching and Training has helped us create a cohesive unit working toward a common goal. We appreciate all the help KBCC has provided”


Ryan Hodge

Real Estate Broker/Owner, Coach, And Speaker


After ten years of corporate sales management, Ryan Hodge started off selling 117 homes in his first full year in Real Estate. He effectively implemented sales systems and went on to grow one of the most successful real estate teams in the London, Ontario marketplace.

He has worked one-on-one with both Kathleen and Andy and attributes much of his early success to their effective Team Systems and Lead Conversion Strategies.

In 2013, Ryan alongside his business partner opened The Realty Firm Inc. and has been fortunate to grow an independent brokerage recruiting over 100 Realtors with one of the highest per-agent productions in the London marketplace and has now entered into the Woodstock-Ingersoll market.

Ryan is a coach and speaker placing a primary focus on productivity and social media systems for Realtors. He also works closely with Realtors and Entrepreneurs in personal and spiritual development. His clients range from new agent to those earning over 1 million GCI.

In 2017, Ryan is releasing his first book, “The Integrity Vow: Engaging Your Authentic Self”. He has been published and featured in numerous real estate and business publications and was honoured to be awarded with Business London Magazines “Top 20 Under 40” in 2014.


“I have worked with Kathleen and her team and attribute much of my early success to their effective Team Systems and Lead Conversion Strategies.”





Caroline is an award-winning Real Estate Broker earning the highly acclaimed “National Chairman’s Club” Designation (Top 1% in Canada), Diamond Award Winner and #5 in Ontario for Individual Sales.

Caroline is a Designated Luxury Marketing Specialists, Seniors Specialist, Buyer’s Specialists, Master Negotiator and trusted source for real estate information, being interviewed by the Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Zoomer magazine and many other national and international publications.

Both in her personal life and professional achievements, Caroline Baile has made it her mission to always exceed expectations. With extensive corporate experience, she brings to her clients a solid background in sales, marketing & contract negotiations.Caroline knows first hand the importance of strategically marketing your home to ensure maximum exposure and top dollars. Negotiations start long before an agreement to purchase is presented. With experience negotiating complex multi-million dollar contracts as well as small agreements, Caroline is a skillful realtor who you will want on your side.


“After interviewing different Coaching Companies, I selected KBCC to guide me through the process of building a successful real estate team, and I am VERY glad I did. The road to building a team is a challenging one but with the guidance of KBCC, the process was easier. My coach has helped me every step of the way with Recruiting, Compensation, Training, and systems.  Having KBCC there to help navigate through all my questions and concerns have been truly a sanity saver. With KBCC’s help I have built a solid team full of wonderful people and together we will accomplish all of our goals.”


Dan Plowman


Dan’s team has been ranked consistently at the top 1% ​in their service area​. Although TREB is a competitive board filled with top producers, Dan’s team​, which Kathleen coached and trained​ for several years, has been selling approximately 400 homes on average per year for the past 6 years straight and cultivating a phenomenal 50% of business directly from online sources in 2014 and 2015.

Rachel Hammer

Rachel Hammer

Team Leader of Rachel Hammer Real Estate – Century 21 Award of Excellence Recipient, 2016 Century 21 Centurion award winner, 2017 century 21 centurion award winner (100+ deals/year)


Rachel Hammer, is having the year of her life in Real Estate. After stepping back to reorganize her team situated in Ottawa, ON,  a focus was made on having the right people in the right positions, powering her team with systems versus willpower, and today Rachel & team are inches away from doubling their business in the 12 short months since the team began coaching. It takes a brave leader to step back in order to go forward with a strong strategy and vision, and the results are clear: Bravery & Strategy Pay off! As we write this Rachel is approaching the 100 deal mark as a team for 2018!

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Rachel moved to Ottawa and received an honours degree in Criminology and Psychology from the University of Ottawa. After several successful and rewarding years in the field of social work, fate played its card.

Rachel’s first home purchase impacted her so much, she was recruited by one of the most successful Real estate teams in the luxury market to join the world of real estate. By 2005, Rachel was accredited as a Sales Representative, and in 2010 as a Broker by the Ontario Real Estate Association. Currently designated as Broker of Record for her affiliated brokerage – Royal LePage Team Realty, Hammer & Associates, Rachel heads up the real estate team, a highly technology based real estate team which employs a client centred approach to its services.

Over the years, Rachel has been active on the Ottawa Real Estate board offering her time as Chair of the Disciplinary Committee and Professional Standards, and most recently as one of the Board of Directors. Rachel and her team have successfully achieved top 40 status for Eastern Ontario as well as top 3% in Canada for market area.

When she is not running her business, you will find Rachel either enjoying time playing with her family which includes her two wonderful children, or you can find her in a hot yoga class! Rachel lives by the old saying:  “work hard, play hard”.


The results of my experience with KBCC has been truly extraordinary, it happened with a goal, a plan and a great coach! KBCC helped me see my potential, guided me through an incredible journey and helped me find growth and opportunity within my business. A little over a year ago, I would never have imagined where my business is today and it would never have happened without the help of my coach Kate, Thank you for everything!

Mike Radcliffe

Mike Radcliffe

#9 in Units sold in 2017 for Century 21 in Canada, #16 in Units sold for 2016 in Century 21 in Canada, 2 Time Double Centurion Award Winner at Century 21 First Canadian, 12-time Centurion Award Winner with Century 21 (150+ Deals/Year)


Mike Radcliffe, hovering around 200 deals per year, is situated in the small town of Lucan with his team, population 2500 people. Mike’s team is poised for massive expansion. Last year Mike and Team were #9 for unit production across all of C21 Canada! With the savvy decision to expand into land development, Mike is in a unique position of having more business than the team can handle, and a MASSIVE market share of 57% in Lucan. All of this equates to a need for strategy and focus as the team moves forward.

Mike has been a licensed Real Estate Agent for 24 years. His passion for Real Estate has grown into building his own Real Estate Team in the town of Lucan (population around 2500) and opening a land development company, numerous rental properties and farms. Mike started with Century 21 First Canadian in 1999 and has enjoyed his own satellite office for his team which include two other Sales Agents, and an Office Manager/Client Care rep in house. Our team specializes in New Home Sales, resale residential properties, investment properties and farm sales. We are involved in the coaching program to help build a strong base so we can expand in the future.


I met Kathleen at a Century 21 event in Quebec and promptly began working with her and her team in implementing the tools and mindsets for exponential growth. Kathleen has an endless supply of systems and online tools to help me expand and grow my team. I am ever excited to work with the KBCC team and soak in as much education as possible, with an eye towards implementing my learnings with my own business.


Thomas Ferianec & Frances Dares

MLS Million Dollar Club, Re/max Hall of Fame, Re/max Diamond Club, #1 Team for Re/max House of Real Estate in 2017 (190+ Deals/Year)


When Thomas Ferianec and Frances Dares choose to stop personally meeting with Seller & Buyer Clients they accounted for 67% of Urban Upgrade’s production as a team. Fast forward a year and a half later and the team has maintained production levels, scaled down to half the sales people, and learned some important mandates that keep the team and culture in high performance mode. With all of these changes Thomas and Frances were away 40% of the year for travel and managed to keep on track with their strategy to stop selling personally , while moving their focus to empowering the team with training, systems, and culture.


Kathleen’s coaching program came highly recommended from an industry professional who was having great success using the program within his own team. Since joining, we’ve been able to identify and improve areas in our own business that needed attention. Thanks to Kathleen and her team, we are on pace to meet our long-term objectives as a successful, top-performing real estate team.

Stacey Falkwin

Stacey Falkwin

Chairman’s Club 2017 (National Top 1%) Royal LePage Diamond Award 2012-2016 (National Top 3%) Royal LePage Top Ten Award 2013-2017 (#2 RLP Team in Atlantic Canada 2017) (160+ Deals/Year)


Stacey is a trusted name in Halifax for Real Estate. In 2017 The Falkwin Group were awarded with the prestigious Chairman’s Club, for production levels placing them in the Top 1% across Canada for all of Royal LePage. In 2018 they have not slowed down one bit, and with a rapidly expanding team and business, Stacey had to assess the best home to support the growing team. With more business than the team can handle, the idea of team growth is no longer optional. This lead to a commitment to systems and training allowing the team to expand without compromising service, or client experience, in fact they are elevating both. Stacey will share her reasons not to create a stand alone boutique team office, and what she gains staying in house with their brokerage, Royal LePage Atlantic.

Stacey has never believed in placing limits on what she can achieve. She discovered early on that anything is possible with the right amount of work, focus, and dedication. By embodying this philosophy, she sets her sights high and has proven time and again that with a committed mind and heart, there’s nothing she can’t do. Through her childhood years, starting at the tender age of 4, Stacey started what would become over 10 years of focused piano study that garnered dozens of awards and designations at Acadia University & the Royal Conservatory of Music program strengthening her discipline, confidence and desire to succeed.

Stacey’s never sat idly by and waited for things to happen. She surprised everyone- even her parents, when she purchased a modest fixer-upper at age 21, and delved deep into the world of renovations and knew she’d found her passion. Two years later she starting purchasing other dilapidated properties, and with a total hands on approach, has personally transformed many distressed properties into beautiful homes and quality rentals. Stacey now has over 20+ years extensive experience in renovation, rental property ownership and management through her own holding company. Stacey has never feared failure. New challenges are opportunities to test her mettle and grow.

This knowledge of homes is what led the way to becoming a Realtor. In 2006, Stacey wanted to combine her love and knowledge of homes with her desire to work more with people. With this focused passion, she succeeded with exceptional results. As the founding member of the Falkwin Group, Stacey has garnered many high ranking awards for service and success and has enjoyed being in the top 3% in her industry nationally for most of the past decade. She is a certified member of the internationally recognized Institute for Luxury Home Marketing Specialists, proud to consistently be in the top 10% of donors to our local and national shelter charities, and consistently attends seminars and information sessions to stay on top of her industry.

Stacey encourages her clients to set their sights high and helps them reach their goals with enthusiasm and knowledgeable insight. A true type “A”, Stacey’s detailed, and thorough approach leaves clients feeling secure, protected and confident in their transactions. Stacey feels passionately about her responsibility to her clients and is truly devoted to them throughout the entire process. Her approach is consistent no-nonsense delivery of integrity-filled advice. Implementation of her thoughtfully developed systems combined with the skills of her talented team of professionals consistently results in seamless & successful client-focused outcomes. Stacey’s vision and ongoing drive to BE better and KNOW more means you will be hard pressed to find another team that offers the value-added services that her clients enjoy.

In her free time, Stacey enjoys fostering her passion for international travel. This passion has taken her to many corners of the world: scuba diving and sky diving at the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in the Greek Islands, relaxing down south, and exploring many European cities. She and her family love being immersed in other cultures and living life to its fullest.

A proud mother of two children, Stacey and her partner enjoy an active home and lifestyle and try to live a life of gratitude and balance.


Working with Kate and KBCC coaching has provided focused guidance on the growth and success of my team. Without a doubt, I have avoided many snags that would have hindered my success over the past year as a result of Kate’s understanding and connection to who we are and what we need. There has never been a scripted response and there is tremendous value in the sound advice and direction they are able to provide from working with some of the top teams in the country. I have also attended the Ultimate Team Summitt last year which provided me with tremendous value – and is actually what cemented my decision to move forward with their excellent coaching program.

Chris Costabile

Chris Costabile

Team Leader – Century 21 Award of Excellence Recipient, 2016 Century 21 Centurion award winner, 2017 century 21 centurion award winner (120+ Deals/Year)


Chris Costabile is committed to building a strong and trusted brand. The Costabile Group are innovative when it comes to new marketing strategies, guarantees, and overall client satisfaction. This might have been why they initially resisted using the KBCC Commission Advantage approach. They were committed to implementing systems, team expansion, and overall to an efficient approach that would allow them to connect with clients like family. However, the competition is steep in their market, and they were getting undercut on commission trying to provide value they knew would garner better results for their seller. Finally with the diligent work of their coach, Chris decided to give the KBCC Ultimate Commission system a try. Signing over 80% of Sellers to a GOLD package, which equated to well over an additional point in commission from their previous average, and they have not looked back. Chris is here to share how you can take a leap of faith and change the playing field from commodity to value in your market, increasing sale prices for your clients, and earnings for everyone on your team.

With years of sales experience under his belt, Chris brings a new swagger into the real estate industry; putting his clients needs first and treating them as his family. His background is filled with numerous service and sales positions that allowed him to learn what not to do and how not to treat a client.

He thrives on perfection, driven on results and works in his clients best interest at all times. In 2017, it was his best year yet with over 70 transactions and Over 22 million dollars in real estate sold.

Chris is very passionate about his family, which is why a family-first approach to business is his bread and butter. Chris and his fiancee, Courtney, have five beautiful children that keep them on their toes. When Chris isn’t selling real estate, he loves spending time with family, anything sport related or traveling.

Are you selling or buying soon? Choose an agent to be reckoned with, Call Chris today so he can do the hard @#!&, so you don’t have to.


I was skeptical to say the least on another coaching program or to follow someone else’s “systems” that wouldn’t work for our team dynamic, but our team has seen unbelievable results since coaching began with Kevin @ KBCC. With Kevin & Kathleen leading the charge, we have revamped almost every system in our business, allowing us to grow and offer the absolute best value to our clients. Everything is made simple which helps keep the team members involved and focused. We look forward in continued success with KBCC and truly blessed to be included in an elite circle of networking that’s offered as well.”

Once the foundation for a strong team has been secured, we shift focus towards a holistic view of team achievement. With the understanding that everyone performs best when they identify and cultivate their unique abilities, we can then cast a vision for the strength required to grow your team. This is where powerhouse teams thrive. They partner with uniqueness by discovering the unique talents missing in their business. They then find the right candidates using our advanced recruitment tools, which sift and sort to discover the right personality style, talents, and strengths for the position required. This is then combined with in-depth training on tried, tested, and true systems to ensure a healthy return on your marketing dollars spent.

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