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Kathleen Black is North America’s leading Real Estate Team Coach and Trainer, delivering her proven success techniques to Agents and Teams around the world. Kathleen Black has worked with thousands of agents, and hundreds of teams, attributing their growth to her systems and coaching to the tune of billions in additional sales volume annually across her client network. With 80% of her clients top 1% producers nationally, she will help you expand, at a fraction of the time and cost, using the same tried, tested, and true “KBCC Ultimate Expansion Strategy” that powers her client growth.

Beginning her career as a RE/MAX Real Estate Agent and working her way to being recognized within the top 1% of Realtors in both the Durham Region and on the Toronto Real Estate Board, many would agree that this level of success is the pinnacle achievement amongst their peers; but for Kathleen it was only the beginning.

Kathleen quickly realized that her success was attributed to programs that she had developed internally over years of perfecting her craft as an Agent. Recognizing the demand for such programs, Kathleen set out to work on further developing each system and building out a robust platform of educational programs and coaching methods designed to provide Real Estate Agents with the tools and techniques needed to progress forward both personally and professionally. In 2015, Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting (KBCC) was formed.

With the launch of KBCC and building upon her 10+ years of Team and Agent development and guidance, hundreds of teams have attributed their growth and success to Kathleen’s leadership either directly or through one of her coaching programs. Her credibility and understanding of the Real Estate market have guided countless teams to be Top 1% Producers.

The success of KBCC centers around integrity, honesty, and results-driven measures, the very things that represent Kathleen. Her “practice what you preach” mantra has served both herself and her clients well with over 80% of them at the top 1% of production across the country.

If being a CEO, development coach, professional speaker, and educator were not enough, Kathleen is also a dedicated mother, best selling author of “The Top 1% Life” and has been named one of the Top 50 Elite Women Driving the Future of Real Estate by REP Magazine, and in 2018 as one of the Top 20 Emerging Leaders by T3 Sixty in the prestigious Swanepoel Report. Also, named one of the Top 25 Women Driving the Future of Real Estate in 2018 by REP Magazine. Most recently, Kathleen was awarded both #45 on The BUZZ Industry Top Trendsetters list, as well.as, being awarded with the Iconic Leader Creating a Better World for All Award from the Women’s Economic Forum. This award is based on experience, results, influence, and commitment to change the world for the better of all internationally.

**Kathleen is a certified trainer’s Trainer in DISC Personality Profiling, a Certified NLP Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified in Hypnotherapy, Certified Quantum Change, Energy Mapping, and has a BA Hons in Psychology**

 **Kathleen served as CEO, owner and solely ran Dan Plowman Team Systems including all content creation for over 5 years, prior to starting KBCC. She has been Coaching Team Development in the Real Estate Industry full time for over a decade.**

Kathleen at one of her 6 Canadian Team Summits before creating Ultimate Team Summit with one of her past clients Dan Plowman

  •   When agents wanted information on team building we sought out the experts. As Canada’s Top Brokerage* we needed to bring someone in with advanced concepts and leading edge information. Kathleen Black was that person. Agents at our XLR8 Real Estate Conference were impressed with the value and engaging delivery of their two sessions.

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    Merrily Hackett Managing Partner

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  • Wisdom: The Consultant’s Approach to Communicating Value in Competitive Markets
  • Maximize Online Conversion: How to Turn Cold Online Leads into Loyal Clients
  • The Consultant’s Approach
  • Teams: Explode Your Business!
  • Teams: Commissions, Motivation, Success!
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Authenticity, Rebellion and Personal Power
  • Why Splits Don’t Work
  • Consultant’s Approach to Price & Fee
  • Converting More Leads into Face-to-Face Appointments
  • Vision, Values & Goals
  • What Works as a Top Producer but Causes Chaos as a Team Leader
  • Positioning Yourself as More than a Salesperson
  • Convert 98% of Buyers to Loyal Clients
  • Priority Focus: Why Time Management Doesn’t Work!
  • Millennials & Real Estate: Fact & Fiction
  • Effective Communication: What are the Right Words Worth?
  • Leadership: Why Consultants Lead Themselves First
  • Harmonize Your Life and Increase Profits without Burning Out!

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