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Upcoming Events

KBCC Advanced Lead Conversion Workshop

March 5, 2020

This course is all about converting leads via the telephone. We will be discussing the concepts and the why behind the scripts and tactics we use. We will hand you and take you through the scripts in detail… a lot of detail. We will role-play and practice these scripts over and over to learn them word for word.

This course assumes a basic knowledge of our scripts but does not assume you know the script word for word. This is one of the main goals of the workshop, to get you to that point. You will be a lead conversion machine when all is said and done.

100+ Deals Mastermind

If you are a 100 Deal+ Producer or Team Leader and looking for something new and different this is the event for you.

Our last 100 Deal+ Mastermind was represented by approx. 20 selling 4000 transactions+ per year as a collective, and represent BILLIONS in GROSS SALES VOLUME.

DISC Certification

This is one of the tools which divide agent performance from average to top producer. Would you like to be an agent who shows buyers an average of 50 homes or an agent who shows an average of 10 homes per buyer?

Simply put, the agents who adapt by personality understand what their clients need to make a decision, what they need to move forward, and how to articulate those needs in their client’s preferred communication style.

Ultimate Team Summit

The Real Estate Event of the Year!

Join us alongside North America’s leading real estate professionals and team leaders. The best in the real estate world will teach you how to grow your business, double your sales, network and increase market share, and so much more. So join a group of like-minded professionals and secure your future now.

For More Information on all of our Upcoming Events and Workshops Visit the Events Tab located in the Menu Bar

Just Some of Our Happy Clients…

  •   When agents wanted information on team building we sought out the experts. As Canada’s Top Brokerage* we needed to bring someone in with advanced concepts and leading edge information. Kathleen Black was that person. Agents at our XLR8 Real Estate Conference were impressed with the value and engaging delivery of their two sessions.

    Merrily Hackett
    Merrily Hackett Managing Partner
  • There is a saying, that when the student is ready the teacher appears. That couldn’t have been more true then the first time I met Kathleen. 6 years ago, Chuck and I had our first child, we were working 60 hours a week 6-7 days a week. Both of us weren’t sure how much longer we’d be in the business. Fast forward 6 years and Kathleen has helped us grow from a husband and wife “team” with a GCI of $330,000, to a team of 7, built our own team office, and we’ve just had our best year ever in 2015 with a GCI just over 1.2 million. Kathleen was our “secret weapon” to achieve these results in such a short period of time. Not only is she our teacher, but she is also our biggest supporter. The path to success wasn’t always easy, but whenever we experienced a set back we always knew we could count on Kathleen to point us in the right direction. We are forever grateful to have her in our lives personally and professionally.

    Melissa & Chuck Charlton
    Melissa & Chuck Charlton Team Leaders
  •   I am always looking for the best in the industry, and we found that with Kathleen. I am spending significant money on Online Lead Generation, and the only agents I provide leads have completed Kathleen's Elite Business Training. Why give leads to agents that close 2/10, when you can give them to agents that close 8/10.

    Paul Baron
    Paul Baron Broker Owner

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